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Live Long and Prosper by Ray Printer Friendly

Here we are again, you and I. All of us. Alone in the dark, no matter how much light you might have as you read this.

Itís a new month, and weíre supposed to get all ate up with the whole ďgiving thanksĒ thing, but thatís not how it works around The Strangelands. Weíre still stuck in the creepy, and even if we try to sit around and mention all the things weíre thankful for, it will end up getting a little weird.

If you donít believe me, just wait and see. But weíll have some fun.

Iím glad all of you are still around for this issue, and Iím glad we have our new readers as well. Thatís the Thanksgiving part, in case you were wondering.

But now itís time to get to business. If youíre wondering whatís going to go down this month, Iíll give you a bit of a preview. I plan on starting some shit with Hyde, I plan on razzing our readers, and I plan on trying to start a photo gallery where the pictures are mostly of street gutters.

I plan on at least six Portly Boy stories, and Iím betting there will be at least two bits in the Poet section about fall and/or being in love.

And I plan on harassing our beloved Admin until he finally writes some sort of fiction piece. Just between you and I, Iím not sure if Iíll have much luck with that one.

Aside from all this, thereís some secret stuff. If you want to know about this secret stuff, youíll just have to keep checking in. I would give you a clue, but Iím not all that sure what Iím talking about at the moment. But Iím thinking there will be some free t-shirts involved.

And thatís how we begin this issue. I hope to have you all along for the ride, and all of your friends.


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