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The Blue State by Carey Printer Friendly

They say it's not over till the Fat Lady sings, but this latest national show ended with one simple concessional phone call to the White House on Wednesday morning.

I, along with many New Yorkers, am feeling the color of my political party and am doing my best to keep my chin up and a smile on my face.

President Bush has already demonstrated his ultra conservative political and religious views in the past four years, and I fear what he has in store for the next four.

This Commander in Chief has already made strides to thwart some of our established Supreme Court rulings (i.e Roe vs. Wade) and continues to express his nontolerant views against those who lead lifestyles different from his own (i.e Gay Marriage).

It surprises me that a majority of Americans still harbour such discriminatory ideals and are in support of a leader who would not only encourage this philosphy but work to ensure it continues.

But, these are moot point at this time. We do in fact have a right wing conservative politician in the most important goverment position in our country.

Needless to say, the biggest injustice we could do to the greatest country in the world is to continue to allow our disappointment and bitterness at the outcome of this election effect how we work together as a nation.

I just hope that the voice of reason and the shouts and murmurs of the people President Bush leads will not fall on deaf ears.


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