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The Election and Other Thoughts by Trey Printer Friendly

The election is over, and, thank you John Kerry, platoons of disappointed lawyers have trudged home with briefcases full of unserved supeanas and restraining orders. The country made it through with nary a whiff of bloodshed or voter intimidation. Sure, there was some questionable exit polling, and the mass media has taken a beating from their subtle and not so subtle attempts to influence the election, but at least we have 4 more years before we are drug through this muck again.

In celebration of this nastiness finally ending, I thought I'd post some of my thoughts and some intresting links.

I wonder if this election has finally sounded the death knell for the mass media. Network nastiness was repeatadly exposed by vigilant internet bloggers and researches.

Two Biggies:

Thanks to those geeky internet bloggers, Dan Rather, and perhaps CBS news as a whole, has had his reputation tarnished beyond all polishing by releasing those obviously fake W national guard records.

Drudge Report and its network of informants broke NBC's attempt to keep the missing explosives story under wraps until the day before the election, and the bloggers and internet pundits were quick to point out that 400 tons (probably) lost compared with 200,000 tons destroyed isn't such a bad record.

And how bout this little tidbit:

A Newsweek editor even admitted that the media wanted Kerry to win and that their support could be estimated to add a 15% boost to his campaign.

Hurrah for the free press...

Turns out that some democrats are considering following through on their promise. The Canadian Immigration website has been excedingly hard hit. I hope Michael Moore stopped in for a visit.

I don't know about you, but the thing I found most upsetting about this election was the sheer amount of ugliness and name calling. At what point did we stop debating ideas and merits and resort to characterizing people as Nazis or Hitlers? It got so that I couldn't even mention George Bush without people screaming Nazi at me. Does anybody remember who the Nazis were anymore? Or Hitler for that matter? You might not like W's views on partial birth abortion/gay marriage/stem cell research, but he's a long long long long long long way from gassing and burning 10 million people. Hell, I was reluctantly rooting for Bush, and even I disagree with most of his ideas. Strangely, it felt like I could argue better against a Bush presidency than most Kerry supports who seem simply start slobbering and uncontrolably screaming "evil,nazi,hitler" over and over again.

I hope that this election proved to the world that, while a negative campaign can get you a few votes, there has to be some substance somewhere in your candidate. "Not being George Bush" isn't a platform. You need at least an idea or two that people can follow. An awful lot of democrats could barely even convience themselves to vote for the unintelligable Kerry. A few months before the election I was talking to a very intelligent, very liberal, very east coast friend of mine. She had done some legal volunteering for the Kerry campaign, and I figured she could fill me in on some of his ideas. I asked her what his ideas were concerning Iraq (my one issue this election). She "hemmed" and "humphed" a bit, but finally was candid enough to admit that he didn't have one yet.

I never had any doubt that Bush would win, but when I woke up the day after the election, I was terrified. The man is crazy. Fortunately, I think that all those wacky arab countries feel the same way. You don't wanna mess with us while W's in office. He'll blow you up. They've had their wackos for decades. Now we have our own.

Some intresting links:

Those wacky democrats. Sometimes you almost feel sorry for the poor misguided souls. Especially when the bloggers keep calling them on their bullshit. (and here)

But, thankfully there's still some reasonable dems out there.

There's a few things I wanna say to whoever might read this.

Being opposed to partial birth abortion is not the same thing as being pro-life.

George Bush did not outlaw stem cell research. He doesn't want government funding going to reseach with new stem cell strains. Don't believe me? Wondering what the hell people have been screaming about all this time? Really, I don't know. You can get a quick bit about the whole thing.

The richest people in this country benefited the most from the Bush tax cuts because:

a)They pay more in taxes. i.e. if you pay 100,000 in taxes and you get a 2%

cut, you save 2k. If you pay 1000 in taxes and you get a 2% cut it comes out to

20 bucks. It's mathematics.

b)The estate tax really only effects the very wealthy. Strangely, it seemed to

be the part of Bush's tax cuts that everyone supported (except me).

c)Capital gains taxes were cut. They benefits everyone who owns stocks/bonds/

houses/etc. Of course, the wealthier you are, the more you own.

We did not invade Iraq for oil. We could've bought oil from em just fine when Saddam was in power. He would have been happy to sell it to us.

How can people still accuse Bush of being dumb when he has been one of the most successful presidents in history at getting his programs enacted?

The extreme religious right scare me, but so do crazy lefties.

If you think that the 60 million people who voted for W are idiots, you are obviously a moron locked up in your own elitist little world. I love New York as much as you do, but it ain't the whole world, and to think that people who live outside it are somehow inferior is both ridiculous and arogant. The farmers/ranchers/normal people in middle america can make it without NYC. NYC would be hard pressed to make it without all those other people out there.

Killing Osama Bin Laden is not the solution to terrorism. It actually has very little to do with terrorism. He is a terrorist. He is not terrorism. There's plenty more like him out there, all created by fucked up goverments and fucked up religious fanatics in poor, sandy, fucked up countries. We had a lot to do with creating the world that has produced these evil fucks, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to fix the problem.

Saddam killed hundreds of thousands more Iraqis than we have. He is about as bad as a person gets. It kills me that people spend so much time talking about how evil Bush is while saying we never should have removed a real Hitler from power.

SUVs are evil.

Oil is expensive, but adjusted for inflation it is still 30 bucks a barrel less than it was at the peak of the OPEC embargo.

Saudi Arabia is a big part of the terrorism problem. North Korea cannot be reasoned with, only bought off. Iran wants nukes because they know that once they get them all chance of anyone, including us, attacking them is nil. That's how nukes work. It's worked for North Korea. It's worked for Pakistan.

A freedom fighter is no longer a freedom fighter when they purposefully kill non-combatants. I want the palestinians to have their own country. I think most israeli's do as well, but blowing up a bus full of children is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. Iraqi insurgents blowing up children at a celebration is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. We have made mistakes, innocent people have been killes, but we try to keep it from happening. Motives DO matter.

Social security is going to go bankrupt. Better start saving those pennies now.

If you thought Kerry was actually gonna win this thing, you were a victim of media wishful thinking.

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