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What Happened? by Trey Printer Friendly

You might have noticed that TheStrangelands disappeared for about a week.

Even worse, you might notice that we are missing 3 years of content.

The former is the result of bad luck. The latter is my fault.

For 12 years we have hosted TheStrangelands at a little place called e-rice.net.

As far as anyone can tell, e-rice was one guy named Alan who most likely died. The servers ran on auto-pilot until the bills went unpaid and the plug was pulled.

It should have been easy enough to move the domain to a new webhost, but the domain registrar we had used for 12 years, change-ip, seems to have lost the ability to do anything. Everything in the user interface is broken. I finally moved the domain name to a new registrar which takes 5 days.

Anyway, we are back up. The really bad part of this is, I hadn't backed up the site contents in waaaaaay too long. The last backup of content I could find was from 2011. For images in the gallery it was even longer (the galleries are huge and take a long time to backup).

In conclusion, I apologize for not staying on top of the backups. I'll keep digging through my files and hopefully find something more recent.

And that is the sad sad story.

Entered By Ray From Canadian, Texas
2014-11-11 20:21:35

I'm just glad you got us up and running again. Good job, man!

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