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Lawsuit by Ray Printer Friendly

Eyes burn.

Brain's broken.

Tired always.

I didn't realize what I was giving up when I agreed to age. I knew I would die, but I didn't realize it would be such a process. I didn't realize I'd break down one day at a time.

Bones ache.

Muscles scream at me for no reason, but they're very adamant.

And this is just waking up.

I don't remember making the agreement, I really don't, but that's how they get you, right? You agree to their terms, and they take away life, one memory at a time, and every day is a little harder, and you keep going, because you assume there's some sort of reward.

But you can't remember the terms, the conditions, or even the payoff.

And that's how you go down.

That's how we all go down.

I'd like to say that life will never catch me, but I think I might have made it way too easy.


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