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Six o’clock in the morning, boys and girls. For the next two weeks. My princess has started her student teaching, and she’s doing it in the next town over. What this means is, we wake up at six in the morning, drive over there, and then I drive back home, just in time for rush-hour traffic. After work, I drive back over and back home again—again, during rush hour.

What this also means is, I probably won’t be posting much during the week; most of my posting is done while under the influence, and I can’t be staying up getting drunk and then heading out into traffic three hours later. I’m getting old, I know, but what are you gonna do?

We’ll see what happens though. I'm a pretty unpredictable alcoholic--I might be drinking again in a few minutes.

To tide you over, though, here’s a picture of a guy I work with slapping his own ass. Sure it’s just a cheap photo-shop parlor trick, but it cracked me up. I mean, look at the serious look on his face as he takes the swing, and look at the expression of shock and pain as he takes it.





Good stuff. I wish everyone would run around beating themselves, really. If I could just get customers to do this kind of thing, but with boards with nails driven through them, or knives or something.

Anyways, take it easy, Strangelanders.


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