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Pictures of A Hometown Sunrise by Ray Printer Friendly

So I finally got some of the pictures posted from my recent trip back home. If youíre wanting pictures of skyscrapers and busy city streets, I suggest you hassle Trey to post some of his pictures. Here, like this:

(in a screechy, whiny voice, imitating Trey in a juvenile, immature way) ďOoh, I donít take pictures anymore! Ooh, I didnít even have a camera with me! Iím a little crybaby that canít post pictures because Iím like a little girl!Ē What are you, too good to take a picture? Is your camera too heavy? Maybe you can hire a toddler to carry it around for you, huh?

See how that worked?

If, however, you would like multiple pictures of a sunrise, youíre in business. Oh, yeah, and here are some pictures of my mom. Yes, thatís a gun, and yes, sheís pointing it at me. I donít know much about parenting, but if you get to aim firearms at your children, I figure it canít be all bad, right?

Anyways, I had some pictures of me dressed up for Halloween, but for some reason, I look like a fat mess of shit. Itís weird. Because I could swear that in real life I donít have fourteen chins. Needless, to say, Iím not going to post them. Well, my sister took one that was really blurry, so maybe I can put that up, but I just donít know.

I have some more pictures to post, but I have to resize them first (just for the record, if you want to post pictures on the site, you have to size them downóI think Trey said to no more than five hundred pixels across, but I could be wrong. Anything too large just wonít load.).

So, yeah, I guess thatís that.


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