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Old Cellphones by Trey Printer Friendly

Apparently my floor at work houses the department in charge of all the cellphones, and after 10 years or so they've decided to clean house.

Building services hauled three huge blue trashcans up to 20 and people I've never met are running back and forth between them, throwing away huge mounds of old cellphones.

Some of these things have never even been opened.

It's driving me insane. I'm a bit of a pack rat, especially when it comes to old technology items. My palms are sweating, I'm having trouble focusing, and I keep circling the huge blue trashcans like I've been trapped in orbit.

It's absolutely awful.

So far I've picked up a new in box Motorola StarTac with a spare battery, car kit, desk charger, travel charger, belt clip, and hands free ear piece. Sure, it only works with AT&T, sure I don't use AT&T, sure I could get a brand new phone just by signing up with AT&T, but DAMNIT MAN, IT'S LIKE NEW AND IT'S FREE!



They just dumped about 50 unopened motorola pagers into a trashcan. They followed that with an armload of old Ericsons big as your forearm. Dozen's upon dozen's of car chargers, quick chargers, replacement batteries still in their boxes, beltclips in all sizes.

My company is notoriously cheap. I was given two pens and half of an already used legal pad when I started, and that's it. If you want coffee, you're expected to ride the elevator to the second floor and pay for the foul stuff they serve in the cafe ($1.25 for 8oz). People hoard paper clips like gold and the actual location of the supply closet is a closely guarded secret that I have not been able to unearth after 2 years.

Yet they are throwing away communications equipment that must have cost them 10's of 1000's of dollars. And all of it is absolutely worthless. I've checked the prices on ebay. Worthless.

Did I mention I bought a coffee maker for my desk? I realised that my yearly coffee expenditures had exceeded 500 bucks a year so I figured I should start brewing my own. Picked up a Keurig B50. Brews one cup at a time with virtually no cleanup. It's really tasty, and only 40 cents a cup. My coffee habit is now floating somewhere around 800 bucks a year. I'm high as a kite, my hands are shaking, and I beat up an old lady in the cafeteria lunch line. I'd describe the greatness that is my coffeemaker in more depth, but I have to use the restroom. S'been happening a lot lately.

Maybe I'll pick up a stack of pager's on my way back.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2006-04-22 05:48:58

That's a coffee maker? Man, you don't even want to know what I've been doing with mine.

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