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We’re Putting The “Ass” Back In “Classy” One Thrust At A Time March 01, 2008

Profiles in Humor by Dave Riley
Ever notice how, when you say or write o' rather than of, hilarity ensues? Well, it does. ...
March 31, 2008 1 Comment
A Prologue by rik
What is a god? A god is a creator, birthing life and magic from everywhere and nowhere. The reason a newborn baby fi...
March 31, 2008 2 Comments
Bad Poetry In Under A Minute: While You Were Away by Ray
<b>While You Were Away</b> I took a drink Of angry ice cubes And soggy gin. Stars burned out, And love...
March 30, 2008
No night left right yet I'm still up down by Jesse
Such a pity that at night I lie and there's no one there to see if I sleep and make sleep sounds sweet or lie awa...
March 29, 2008
Spybot and More About That Punch by Ray
Before I get into any sort or ambling tonight, I have to give huge props to <a target="_blank" href="http://www.safer-n...
March 28, 2008 6 Comments
rik & Ray Converse by Ray
March 27, 2008 1 Comment
Childish Things by Ray
Sometimes I wonder if I was ever normal. I think back to my childhood, and it seems pretty normal, but then it occurs t...
March 21, 2008 17 Comments
Those Nights by Ray
March 20, 2008
Tired, But Not Tired Enough by Ray
March 19, 2008 12 Comments
Happy St. Patrick's Day by Ray
March 17, 2008 2 Comments
Why I Love Photoshop by Ray
March 17, 2008 2 Comments
Things I Never Needed To Know by Ray
March 16, 2008
A Conversation With rik by Ray
March 15, 2008 7 Comments
Something Smells Funny by Ray
Back in the old days, I probably would have just tacked this down in the comment section like I...
March 14, 2008 1 Comment
The Ferret Story by Ray
Okay, this is going to be a let down, due to all the <a href="http://www.thestrangelands.com/getStory.php?storyIndex=13...
March 13, 2008 12 Comments
Sidetracked by Ray
March 12, 2008 3 Comments
Price Of Admitting by Ray
March 11, 2008 3 Comments
Another Bear Story by Ray
March 08, 2008 14 Comments
Whispers Under The Stars by Ray
March 07, 2008
Something's In The Air by Ray
March 06, 2008 1 Comment
Comments weirdness by Trey
Started feeling guilty about the messed up comments so I took some time out of my roadtrip to try to fix them. I'm hopi...
March 05, 2008 6 Comments
I Don't Care A Lot, But More Than I Thought by Ray
When I first started this semester, the instructor of my digital imaging class went on and on about how there were goin...
March 04, 2008 8 Comments
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Painful Omissions by Ray
March 01, 2008 4 Comments
Happy Mar—Dammit! by Ray
March 01, 2008 9 Comments


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