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Creators Of The Spermicide Hotline 1-800-SAD-SPERM December 01, 2011

Time To Go by Ray
The alarm goes off, it's the first time in days that it has mattered. I hit the "snooze" button, careful, because it's s...
December 28, 2011
Merry Christmas by Ray
Merry Christmas, Strangelanders. I hope you all have a great holiday filled with love and peace and materialism. I know ...
December 25, 2011
Trip Home: Here And There by Ray
That guy driving the luggage cart, he wants to be a race car driver, you can tell by how he rips around beneath the ...
December 25, 2011
Trip Home: Different World by Ray
They tell us what to expect: In some world, it is 29 degrees. Not this one, though. Packed plane, every seat fi...
December 24, 2011
Trip Home: Up by Ray
Overcast day, dark, I feel like ten kinds of hell. Through the lines, the security, Herded onto the plane. ...
December 24, 2011
Ramblings from a former princess by Emma .
Packing sucks. So many memories, I try not to let them haunt me. Most days I succeed. Today on the other hand, the past ...
December 18, 2011
The Things We Know by Ray
"We don't need anything," he tells me. "Yes we do," I tell him ba...
December 17, 2011
Never Forget Thee by Jubal Algonquin
Santa bellows "Ho, ho, ho!" Youngsters laugh "Ha, ha, ha!' Wait! Lest we forget: Baby Jesus cries "Wah...
December 07, 2011
First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Sick Edition by Ray
As I mentioned in my news post, I feel like absolute garbage, so instead of even attempting to be witty, I'm just gonna ...
December 04, 2011
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...Again by Ray
Well look at this, kids, we made it to the last month of 2011. It's that special time of the year, when people ask conti...
December 04, 2011


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